2. Advent


I am not alone at all, I thought.
I was never alone at all.
And that, of course, is the message of Christmas.
We are never alone.
Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest,
the world seemingly most indifferent.
For this is still the time God chooses.
Taylor Caldwell

Late on a sleepy, star-spangled night,
those angels peeled back the sky
just like you would tear open a sparkling Christmas present.
Then, with light and joy pouring out of Heaven
like water through a broken dam,
they began to shout and sing the message
that baby Jesus had been born.
The world had a Saviour!
The angels called it “Good News,” and it was.
Larry Libby


20 thoughts on “2. Advent

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  1. So thankful that the Good News did arrive at this time of the year and that It grew into what it did for ALL of us. TY Jonie.

  2. I am so very grateful we are never alone and that we do have a Saviour – “Good News”, indeed! Thank you, Jonie!

  3. Wonderful post Jonie as we wait to celebrate our Savior’s birth with great anticipation. I have often wondered if Mary truly understood when she held Him in her arms the very first time that it was the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS that she held. The thought is enough to take one’s breath away. Thank you Jonie.

  4. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for bringing Your love and peace to us and for being with us always! And thank you, Jonie for sending us “true…pure…lovely” things to think about! (Philippians 4:8) God bless you!

  5. I believe she knew who He was to become but I don’t think she fully understood who He was at first and through early childhood. I believe Father protected her in much the same way that He did Moses by placing him in the cleft of the rock as He passed by. How could anybody even begin to comprehend that when they looked upon the new born Jesus that at the same time they were looking upon THE GLORY OF ALL GOD’S GLORY, in this little Babe. It makes me weep with gladness and joy to know that He done this as a down payment in the purchase of our redemption. Other payments were made along the way by the denial and rejection of many. Then as a young man to make the final payment upon the cross. The heaviest moment in all eternity must have been that very instant that the sin of all mankind came upon His sinless self. I think how a little sin, brings about through the Holy Spirit a great conviction and brokenness in my heart, OH MY what must He have felt at that moment to have all the world’s sin to come upon Him at once. I can hear His cry now as He cried out from the cross. For the very first time in all eternity He felt separated from Father. We must tell them all.

  6. We are NEVER alone, and I am so thankful for that. It is sad to see what the CHRISTmas season has become……but also interesting that they are sure his birth was in January and that this date was taken to try to take people away from a pagan observance. No matter when His birth was, the important thing is HE was born and is our Savior!!!!!!

  7. THANKS BE TO GOD that I am never alone!! If it were up to my own righteousness, there would be NO hope … yet He CHOOSES to love and accept me UNconDITIONally!!!

  8. lovely post Jonie, thaks be to GOD for THIS truly “unspeakable “gift, our saviour…all in Jesus we will EVER ,EVER,need!

  9. “I was never alone at all.” What a beautiful thought for Christmas time! We never were alone – even before we knew Him, He knew us, was born and died for us, and was always and still is leading our hearts gently to His love What a gift!!!!!!

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