People fail to get along because they fear each other;
they fear each other because they don’t know each other;
they don’t know each other because
they have not communicated with each other.
Martin Luther King

Society is a masked ball,
where every one hides his real character and reveals it in hiding.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


20 thoughts on “Masks

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  1. Do not each of us understand this so well. Thank You for who and what you are Jonie. I value your friendship so much.

  2. Everyone has a sealed inner box where we keep our intimate secrets, can not be delivered to anyone, it does not mean, that must remain sealed for ever .

  3. I like this words so true … and the wonder of friends and love where we feel safe enough to let our masks drop

  4. Gen. 3:25 “And they were both naked,the man and his wife,and were not ashamed.” In Jesus we don’t have to hide anything anymore,how liberating !
    Blessings to you Jonie. 🙂

  5. i am so grateful that i am one who lets my guard down for a foundation of a wondrous friendship, such as we have. though how true those quotes ring in the masses. can you imagine how much people could be missing out on. but there is one that no one can hide from and that is JESUS. jonie thank you for giving it your all, it is immensely appreciated. with all my love, your friend for a very long time, LL

  6. Thank you for being the kind of person that allows me to drop all my ‘masks’ and feel free to be who I am. You inspire me to be the same kind of person. Wonderful post, Jonie!

  7. When I hit my 50’s, it was like life finally made sense……all those past years when I had tried to please other people and wasn’t really being myself……..I threw all the masks away and have had over a decade of being happily the real me.

    Great post, Jonie!!!!

  8. When ever other’s have let their masks slip and shared with me their ‘terrible secrets’, they’ve never struck me as reasons to dislike or reject, but usually as confirmation of just how special the confident is. And when I’ve shared my struggles, 99% of the time I’ve received hugs and the blessing of a deeper connection with that person. I’ve heard it a million times, but it still resonates with me:
    “It’s not our strengths, but our weaknesses that bind us together”….they are in roads to intimacy and growth.

    Thanks for the share!

  9. Friendship is indeed the most balance relationship. Anything you can’t relate to your parents, superiors, husband or wife, and children, you can run to a friend. His or her ears can listen, lips to talk to and shoulders to lean on.
    You are a friend, cause you keep me…you share and that closeness is in my thoughts…in my heart.
    Thank you. You are unforgettable.

  10. I can relate…but i try not to walk in fear…and i try not to hide who i am…and communicating through the eyes is simple for me.. I wear my mask on the inside…It is where my feeling hide and they fight to break free…Emotions and Love is sometimes hard to share…thank u Jonie for the great post…

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