Christmas Poetry

At Christmas
in the dark centre
of this season
the birth occurs
noiseless and marvellous
the seers
move on their journeys
there are gestures
of wonder, and at midnight
a resting star.
it is amazing
that the mountains
do not relinquish
their momentary grandeur,
bend to the stable,
let the ermine tremble
where the oxen
and the angels are.
Jean Kenward

Kid Stuff
The wise guys
tell me
that Christmas
is Kid Stuff…
Maybe they’ve got
something there –
Two thousand years ago
the wise guys
chased a star
across a continent
to bring
frankincense and myrrh
to a Kid
born in a manger
with an idea in his head…
And as the bombs
all over the world today
the real wise guys know
that we’ve all got to go
chasing stars
in the hope
that we can get back
some of that
Kid Stuff
born two thousand years ago.
Frank Horne


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